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Your one-stop, Kiwi recruitment agency, set up to represent and protect employer brands, whilst faithfully communicating the skills and experience of job applicants

We undertake just about any hiring search where it’s critical to get the fit right – be it temp, fixed term or permanent, and including all senior management positions.

We have chosen to work with fewer employers – across diverse roles in each business – and that means we get to know the unique culture and hiring requirements of every employer and can better match candidates to the roles they fit best.

First opened in Auckland, Changing Jobs is now in the winterless north as well, assisting clients and candidates in the Whangarei market.  Call if you think we may be able to assist, or click here to email Rose


Profiling two Credit Team Leader candidates
Who would you choose?


To give you a better sense of some of the candidates on our database, we took two Credit Team Leaders available for employment now, and asked them both a few of the same questions.  Do you have a vacancy in your team for one of the two?  Please spread the word if you don't - but know someone else who might like to hire them. 


Let's help these two changing jobs!


Candidate A

Candidate B

1. What is one of the most challenging situations you have dealt with as a supervisor / team leader? What did you do or say, and how did it end up?

Had a big strong guy in the team and all of a sudden one day, he smashed the desk with his fist and swore. Others in the team were alarmed at the outburst and as he was looking at his screen at the time, and had just taken a call, it looked like he was angry with a customer. Really, really angry.

Took him alone to another room and asked him what had happened.

To my surprise, he had just received news from his wife that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

In the circumstances, it was no good him remaining at work that day. I sent him home to go talk it through with her and to come to terms with the news.

He made the time up later and the rest of the team were informed of what he was going through, with his consent.

Due to changes in our company structure, I had to get one of the staff members to change what they were doing – pretty much had to get their agreement to do a completely different job.

It tested me. For 5 or 6 months the person was not receptive to the change. It went back and forth with HR and our overall management. In the end, I had to make a decision, which this person didn’t like.

However, after they had been working in the new role for some time, they were doing well in it.

It was quite stressful at the time. It was a learning experience for me, as I took direction from HR on how to manage the situation correctly.

I had to prepare a lot of things to protect our business and make sure the situation didn’t escalate legally.


2. Thinking about the person you’ve most enjoyed reporting to, what was it about that person that made them good to work for?

Have enjoyed working for two managers in particular. Both approachable.

Would go to them to discuss and agree a solution and would then go away to put it into action. If for some reason it didn't work, could approach them again and work out a fresh strategy.

In both cases, the interactions were easy, and we could talk work as well as what was going on outside of work.

One manager stands out. He was such a people’s person.

I learnt a lot about how to deal with people and handle them – how he managed others was a great quality. I picked up on his style and modelled my own behaviour similarly.

He was open and transparent. Could discuss anything and it never felt out of place. Having that rapport really helped both me and the team.


3. If a prospective employer was tossing up between hiring you – or hiring somebody else – what could you guarantee they would get if they hired you?

  • My people skills - internally and with customers

  • Love using KPI's to give a team certainty on what's expected

  • Reliability - almost never take a sick day

  • Absolute commitment

  • Attention to detail - I make sure no stone is left unturned when dealing with a situation or staff

  • 100% committed to the job – i.e. for the job I’m hired in. If I'm hired to be a Team Leader, I'm not angling straightaway to forfeit that and go after a management role. I do what I've committed to do.

4. One thing people may not know about you?

I came from a market gardening background, from a family who were immigrants to NZ and who arrived here with nothing.

My parents made sure we got a good Kiwi education - but we didn't get school holidays off like other kids did. Instead, we were working in the gardens with them.

They wanted us to succeed and taught me disciplines in working quickly and correctly.


I’m a big car fanatic :-) Especially in respect of new technologies with cars.

I watch a lot of You Tube videos about technical specs.

Really love the new electric vehicles – looking forward to the new electric Audi that's due for release in about 2 years’ time! It partially charges as it’s been driven.

What other people are saying


You were always successful in finding me the right opportunity when and where needed. Over the years, you have placed me in three successful permanent roles with corporate companies.
Accounts Receivable Officer


Perhaps more importantly, Rose then followed up on several occasions to ensure our requirements continued to be met. It was an extremely busy time for us and it was gratifying to work with someone who truly listened and concisely and accurately provided us with options.
Carole McKinley
Blackbird Finance


the variety of positions given to Rose, from office based to warehouse and driver staff each had elements which added complexity to find the right fit for the relevant teams...Her proven work and personal ethic...added value
Trudi Harker, former Talent Manager
Duty Free Shopping Group (DFS)


I was very impressed in the degree of detail and professionalism demonstrated...Rose was able to record and translate the specific job and skill requirements provided and only put forward candidates that very closely matched my requirements
Craig Burleigh, former Credit Manager
Carter Holt Harvey 

We support World Vision

World Vision - Condensed

In 2014, I travelled to Cambodia to do the 'Cycle Cambodia Challenge 2014' - a nearly 300km bike ride over 10 days, to help support the work that World Vision are doing in the Stong region of Cambodia. 

It was cool to see the context in which World Vision are working (they're not working out of high rises in main street - they are working in the back roads of villages with dirt roads and primitive amenities).

Click through to our Supporting World Vision tab to read an account of this trip. 

If you would like to add your support to World Vision's work please click here.

Click here to see a video  made by villagers in the region I visited (received November 2017).  Or click here to see a Christmas video, as they celebrate the festive season in 2018 with a 2-day Village Festival

World Vision work to a plan to assist on the ground in a region for a certain number of years.  In that time, their team empowers the young people of the area, giving them support and guidance to be future leaders in their community.

The lighter side of work  B&W smiley face


The Shredder

A young engineer was leaving work late one evening when he found the company CEO standing in front of the shredding machine with a piece of paper in his hand.

"Listen", said the CEO, "this is a very sensitive and important document, and my secretary has gone for the day.  Can you make this thing work?"

"Certainly", said the young engineer.  He took the piece of paper, inserted it in the machine and hit the start button.

"Excellent.  Excellent!" said the CEO as the paper disappeared inside the machine.  "I just need one copy."

Nailing The Job Interview

  • Employers often check Facebook these days, so make sure all your photos show you looking at a spreadsheet and punching the air!

  • "What would you say is your greatest weakness?" asked the hiring manager.

    Job applicant: "Sometimes I use big words that I don't fully understand in an effort to make myself seem more photosynthesis."

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