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Permanent, temporary & fixed term contract employees

We are qualified to find employees across most occupations and industries, from your company's executive, to positions at entry level - and most roles in between. Your satisfaction is paramount and we understand that getting the right person isn't just a search for technical competence. That's where our collaborative approach will help to ensure the right organisational 'fit' as well, whether your requirements are:

  • Permanent
Reference checked employees with skills and personal attributes to meet the long-term needs of your business
  • Temporary
Employees who are agile enough to hit the ground running when the pressure is on, for short and long-term assignments
  • Fixed term contract
Providing coverage during planned absences such as Maternity Leave and for finite projects


Our niche

As a generalist consultancy we are not locked into any one occupational specialty. Instead, our vision is to be ‘an inch wide and a mile deep’ in the understanding we have of your business culture, structure and HR strategies. We will make your needs our niche.

Our database and expertise spans roles as diverse as Executive, Finance, Credit Management, Customer Service and Sales. And as you call on us to recruit in various roles across your business, you will find that we have retained information you gave us previously, for example, about your company's culture or business goals. This will save you time as you will only need to catch us up on the specific requirements of your current vacancy and anything that has changed since we last spoke.


Our database

Kiwis are big on trusting 'word of mouth' recommendations. Our database is a bit like that; a pool of employees we are willing to endorse. But unlike most other referrals, greater reliance can be placed on our recommendation because:

  1. We take the time to learn a lot about the person you are looking for
  2. We only refer people who closely match that spec
  3. We put our money where our mouth is with a 3-month guarantee on permanent placements and a 4-hour window in which you can verify a temp's suitability


How will we learn about your business?

It can be a real time waster when a recruiter rings to say they’ve got ‘the perfect person for you’, yet they haven’t asked a single question about what you do and how your business is differentiated in the market.

When working with you for the first time, we will almost always ask to meet on site. Our observations, coupled with what you tell us, build the most complete picture of the requirements of the role, relative to your business objectives.

  • We ask questions
  • We keep a written record of what we learn


Loyalty rates

When you entrust a permanent job vacancy to Changing Jobs only, you will receive a loyalty rate - without compromise to our professional service, which you can rely on.