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Managing Redundances

If your business is making a role or roles redundant, then our Outplacement service will better equip the employees affected for re-entry into a highly competitive employment market.

Employees receive relevant, customised, practical instruction that will improve their ability to market themselves to prospective new employers.

Workshops can be structured to incorporate delivery of key messages in group sessions, along with one-on-one sessions with each individual participant.

What will your employees learn and receive?

Participants are coached to:

  • Recognise their transferable skills
  • Identify ideal and/or possible jobs they can apply for
  • Interpret and critique job advertisements more effectively
  • Prepare their own CV
  • Understand some of the interview techniques used by professional interviewers
  • Strengthen their interview skills in role plays

All attendees finish with a CV that they can present to prospective new employers.

Past participants have appreciated the chance to take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how employers and recruitment agencies screen applications.

What value does an employer receive from Outplacement?

A written report is provided at the conclusion of every Outplacement.  This ‘debrief’ documents the techniques covered, an appraisal of the employee’s learning, it records any areas of further development identified and evidences the support that you have provided as part of a fair redundancy process.

Please call or email Rose to discuss what your business is proposing and how we can assist.