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Terms of Business

Loyalty Rates

When you entrust a permanent vacancy to Changing Jobs first and allow us exclusivity in the search for the person you need, we in turn provide a loyalty placement rate that will beat the rates charged by most other recruitment agencies - with no compromise to our professional service or guarantee, which you can rely on.

If anything, you receive a better service, saving you time, as you only need to liaise with one recruiter and both of us will have a complete picture of all of the candidates being considered for your vacancy - and their relative suitability for the role.

We endeavour to be competitive with temp rates at all times.

Our Guarantee

The choice to use our services need not be taken just on the basis of saving time.  We are here to help minimise the risks associated with employment.

Our screening process endeavours to provide quality information so you can make well informed hiring decisions.  And although most employees live up to expectations, you are not on your own when an employee doesn’t work out.

  • We provide a 3-month guarantee on permanent placements
  • We invite you to tell us within the first 4-hours if a temp is not suitable

Full details and conditions that apply are contained in our terms of business, which we provide when you instruct us to recruit for you.