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Rose Easter
Owner, Changing Jobs
A Kiwi business serving Kiwis
In Auckland & Whangarei – Email

Your one-stop, Kiwi recruitment agency, set up to represent and protect employer brands, whilst faithfully communicating the skills and experience of job applicants

We undertake just about any hiring search where it’s critical to get the fit right – be it temp, fixed term or permanent, and including all senior management positions.

We have chosen to work with fewer employers – across diverse roles in each business – and that means we get to know the unique culture and hiring requirements of every employer and can better match candidates to the roles they fit best.

First opened in Auckland, Changing Jobs is now in the winterless north as well, assisting clients and candidates in the Whangarei market.  Call if you think we may be able to assist, or click here to email Rose


Candidates, what are you looking for when you change jobs next?

Though we are incredibly fortunate that so many Kiwi businesses have continued to operate, we'd like to know if your priorities have changed. 

If you were to look for a new job now, would you be looking for different things than you might have placed value on in past years?

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Survey results! 

To be updated periodically as results come in.  Last updated 17 June 2021

Bar chart - what three things would matter most the next time you change jobs, 17 June 2021 (resized)

Location, location, location!  It's shot to #1 in recruitment also

When we last surveyed candidates, ‘higher pay’ was the first priority of candidates looking to change jobs. It was such a no brainer, that we almost excluded it from this survey.

Hence, what a surprise to find that ‘higher pay’ has slipped to third place!

Previously, ‘greater job security’ was in the top three. It now comes in at a distant number 9.

Respondents in this survey live and work in Auckland. So, this might not reflect the sentiment of other towns and cities. However, with 20% of our team of 5 million residing in Auckland, the results confirm a hunch that’s been growing for months. Travel to and from work is becoming too much of a burden for a significant segment of our workforce.

Many people have told me in the past that they couldn’t work from home because they would lack the self-discipline. Or they have tried and soon missed the company and buzz of being around others. So, it’s yet another major shift that respondents rank ‘working from home' (at least some of the time) as one of the top two factors that would influence them to favour one job over another.

Established 2011, Changing Jobs is now in Auckland and Whangarei


What other people are saying


You were always successful in finding me the right opportunity when and where needed. Over the years, you have placed me in three successful permanent roles with corporate companies.
Accounts Receivable Officer


Perhaps more importantly, Rose then followed up on several occasions to ensure our requirements continued to be met. It was an extremely busy time for us and it was gratifying to work with someone who truly listened and concisely and accurately provided us with options.
Carole McKinley
Blackbird Finance


the variety of positions given to Rose, from office based to warehouse and driver staff each had elements which added complexity to find the right fit for the relevant teams...Her proven work and personal ethic...added value
Trudi Harker, former Talent Manager
Duty Free Shopping Group (DFS)


I was very impressed in the degree of detail and professionalism demonstrated...Rose was able to record and translate the specific job and skill requirements provided and only put forward candidates that very closely matched my requirements
Craig Burleigh, former Credit Manager
Carter Holt Harvey 

We support World Vision

World Vision - Condensed

In 2014, I travelled to Cambodia to do the 'Cycle Cambodia Challenge 2014' - a nearly 300km bike ride over 10 days, to help support the work that World Vision are doing in the Stong region of Cambodia. 

It was cool to see the context in which World Vision are working (they're not working out of high rises in main street - they are working in the back roads of villages with dirt roads and primitive amenities).

Click through to our Supporting World Vision tab to read an account of this trip. 

If you would like to add your support to World Vision's work please click here.

Click here to see a video  made by villagers in the region I visited (received November 2017).  Or click here to see a Christmas video, as they celebrate the festive season in 2018 with a 2-day Village Festival

World Vision work to a plan to assist on the ground in a region for a certain number of years.  In that time, their team empowers the young people of the area, giving them support and guidance to be future leaders in their community.


The lighter side of work !


Sometimes a laugh is all that keeps things in perspective.  Got a good clean work related funny?  Send it through so that we may share it here.  Email Rose 

The three stages of working from home

1. I'm working from home. How cool!

2. It would be nice to have someone to talk to.

3. I hope Billy the pigeon comes to visit my window today...



Working from home 

Day 4.  Found out the cat likes playing fetch with a nerf gun 


Not seeing so many of those "You can make $4000 a week working from home" adverts lately


Getting the job

My son told me he wants to be a secret agent when he finishes school. 

Based on that alone, I don't think he'd be a very good secret agent.


If you put away the clean laundry on the same day you wash it, I feel like that's what you should lead with in your CV. 

Hiring manager "What is one of your greatest strengths?" 

Candidate (45 minutes later), "I'm very comfortable with silence."

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