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Applying from overseas

It is our practice to meet every candidate in person before referral for interview with potential employers.    This is because client employers place considerable reliance on us to not only evaluate technical competencies, but also to give them insight into your personality, career aspirations and transferable skills.  When we meet you we can also discuss what you want in a job so that we are better briefed to refer you for roles that fit what you are looking for.
Please send us your CV when we advertise a role that interests you if:
  • You have firm plans to relocate or return to live in New Zealand
  • You have firm plans to holiday and work in New Zealand
  • You meet the legal requirements for working in New Zealand, as noted in Eligibility to work.
When you send us your CV, please tell us the following:
  • What dates you will be available for interview with us in Auckland?
  • How long will you be available to work in New Zealand?
  • When can you start work if or when a job offer is received?