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Interview Tips

When a recruiter or an employer calls you for an interview, it means one thing only – they think you might be able to do the job. Most employers shortlist only a small number of people for interview. So, this is great news indeed! And you have every reason to look forward to meeting them.

How can you impact that meeting to improve your chances of getting the job?  Consider some of the following.


Before the interview


  • Google the company

  • Look at their Website and see what you can learn about the business

  • Plan your route to arrive and have your car parked 10 minutes before you are expected

  • Ideally, enter their premises 5 minutes before the appointment time

  • Ask if there are landmarks to look out for if you are unsure how to find them

  • Ask if there is parking on site or nearby

  • Fill in any forms they have asked you to complete

  • Gather any documentation or ID they have asked you to take

  • Ask what the dress code is there and let them know if you’ll be wearing work clothes that differ from what they might expect


Presentation at the interview


  • Arrive 5 – 10 minutes before you are expected, no more; no less

  • Switch your mobile off before you walk in

  • Do not take friends or family into the employer’s premises

  • Wear clothing appropriate for the job you want

  • Stow references, certificates and other documentation tidily out of sight until required

  • You may be there for ½ hour to an hour, so get comfortable

  • Shake hands with people you are introduced to


Answering questions


  • Listen and make sure you answer with the detail they asked for

  • If you don’t understand a question, let them know and ask if they can clarify the information they want

  • If you’re not sure that you have provided the information they were wanting, ask them if what you said answers their question adequately

  • If you are asked to give an example of something you have done or encountered, it’s not usually enough to say what you think you would do in that situation; the interviewer really wants to know if you have experience in that area so if you haven’t, let them know before saying what you think you would do.


Asking questions

An interview should be a two-way process.  When you are working you spend nearly a third of your life in each other’s company, so you should be checking to see if you want to work there also. 

When you ask the employer questions, three things happen: 


  1. You gain insight into the job content so you can be confident you want to do that sort of work

  2. You gain insight into the personality of the person you may be working for and the culture of the company

  3. The employer perceives you as an applicant who wants ‘the’ job – not just ‘any’ job and this can greatly increase your likelihood of success!


Employers sometimes assist in redundancies


If your current position has been made redundant and your employer has promised assistance to update your CV and interview skills, check out our Outplacement Service – a programme conducted over two 4-hour sessions, in which we expand on the above and can answer your job hunting questions one-on-one.