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Marketing You

If you can convince us that you’re worth telling others about, we can put time into marketing you anonymously to prospective employers.  This protects your privacy as we only provide a prospective employer with your details after we have established that they have a vacancy that interests you – and we make it a practice of obtaining your permission before sending your details through.

Ways that we can proactively work on your behalf include:

  • Profiling your skills, personality and salary expectations anonymously in Job Seekers
  • Emailing or phoning employers you might like to work for and telling them about you
Marketing you is more likely to result in interview if you have the following:
  • Skills and experience relevant for the role you want
  • An excellent track record of past employment
  • Realistic expectations regarding salary or pay
  • First class references

One of the most rewarding aspects of our job is in providing a voice to people who have excellent skills, but who don’t always have the time or confidence to sell themselves well.  Call or email to see if service might work for you.