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Why us

Yellow Pages reveals nearly 300 Employment Agencies in Auckland

So how does a recruiter survive for 15 years in an industry that is so competitive?

Rose Easter - Changing Jobs, Recruitment, AucklandRose Easter has done just that – and gone on to establish Changing Jobs, with the express intention of continuing to offer a friendly yet professional service to job hunters and employers alike.

A good recruiter doesn't just save you time. A good recruiter asks questions, listens to what matters most, guides you to consider the options and minimises the risks associated with employment.

Rose has been supporting Auckland businesses for nearly 15 years, helping them to make well informed hiring decisions, and placing excellent employees into work they are suited to and enjoy. 
It has been evident time and time again that ‘fit’ is one of the most critical things to get right when hiring.  We have a proven track record of getting the fit right, which has led to long and enjoyable working relationships for both employer and employee.
Our values of integrity, quality & consistency are borne out in the way we treat people and in our strict adherence to a process of enquiry that helps us match the right person to the job requirements and company culture.

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Why it matters to get the fit right

Nearly a third of our lives may be spent at work.

It is with that understanding that we will work on your behalf to make your next move – whether it be hiring or landing a new job – a change for the better!